yep at maczot

March 21, 2008

Yep is available for $20 from MacZot today only. It’s a spiffy little program for, well, spiffing up your workspace by reducing paper clutter. It’s worth a look if you don’t have it.

Thanks to the recommendation of Unclutterer, I picked up a Fujitsu ScanSnap to use with Yep. They are pricey but worthwhile if you are serious about getting rid of papers. (I found an older model on ebay at well below half the retail price last summer, so you might want to see what becomes available there.)

On a related note, the makers of Yep also make Leap. Leap is a spiffy program for, well, spiffing up your documents folder. I’ll be talking about how I use Leap as part of the Blinders series. There is some discussion in the Maczot blog about a potential discount on a Yep/Leap combo, so check there later today to see if the developer has worked out a package deal.

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