the fourth third

March 22, 2008

There is an adage that celebrities always die in threes. It doesn’t apply to hard drives.

A week and a half ago, my buddy JJ called me asking me if I knew how he might recover files off his MacBook hard drive that had just crashed. I didn’t. Last I heard, he was buried in a hole writing a quarter’s worth of papers that were due this week.

A week ago, my compadre Todd spent a few days pastoring like its 1989 while his MacBook Pro was off in the Apple Care triage unit. Todd is too young to remember 1989 well…otherwise he wouldn’t glamorize it so. When Todd’s frankenstein-ian laptop returned, they had replaced everything but that little grey felt piece that guards the SuperDrive opening. Last I heard, Todd was shopping for a sequin glove while time machine restored his data.

Two days ago, my friend Andy emailed me asking if I had copies of a few files that we had worked together on. His hard drive went kaput and he lost everything. I was able to help him out with a couple of files. That was more than the Geek Squad was able to do with his Dell laptop. Last I heard, he was soaring through cloud 8 on his way to 9 and enjoying a new MacBook Pro he received as a gift.

I thought I was safe. Three hard drives in 10 days in my circle of friends. Surely life in my binary universe was beyond corruption after a triad of failure was complete. The flashing question mark encrusted file folder on my MacBook screen yesterday told me otherwise.

But this is Easter weekend, where we celebrate the resurrection that comes out of death. Unfortunately for JJ, it was his death that has lead to my resurrection. Sorry amigo. JJ’s phone call last week offered the nudge I needed to get time machine working again. It is now Wednesday evening for me all over again.

And in case you are wondering, yes. You can seamlessly restore a MacBook backup onto a MacBook Pro.

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