christ the lord: the road to cana

March 25, 2008

Anne Rice is living out my dream. I’ll cede it to her — she is more qualified. Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana is the second book in her historical fiction series about Jesus. In it, she combines historical Jesus research and fiction writing, and therefore two of my dreams/passions.

I think I enjoyed this book as much as I did the first in the seriesChrist the Lord: Out of Egypt. Perhaps more. The Road to Cana begins to deal with the Biblical narrative of Jesus’ ministry, and I appreciate the way she handled it.

Much like the first book, the greatest benefit is the historical research she has done. She places the Jesus story squarely in a first century context. These books are valuable because of the way they portray the political and religious tensions of first century Israel. I would think that one cannot help but read the Gospels with a new perspective on the work of Jesus.

And yes, I took great joy in having this book snugly in my Kindle only a few minutes after discovering it had been released. 🙂

For Extra Credit: My Trust in the Lord – a column by Anne Rice in the Washington Post (HT: Zach)

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