some worthwhile auditory stimulation

April 2, 2008

In other words, here are some things I think are worth adding to your iPod for your next commute or exercise time:

  • Spirituality of the CellphoneShane Hipps spoke at Mars Hill (Grand Rapids)this past weekend. It was a fantastic summary of the thoughts in his book that was both accessible and practical.
  • MacBreak Weekly 82: The Double Album – I listen to this Podcast almost every week. Last week, they were joined by Patrick Wilson, the drummer of some relatively obscure band called Weezer. Their conversation centered around how the music industry is effected by the internet. It sounds trite to say, but the networking that happens on the internet is truly causing massive shifts and the conversation around the music industry can serve as an entry point into how it effects other things too…like the church.
  • I Will Possess Your HeartDeath Cab for Cutie’s new single. Do I really have to wait until May 13 to hear the rest of the album?
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