capture everything revisited: jott

April 9, 2008

This is part six of a five(!) part series on capturing everything. Previous entries:

Jott is a handy little service that lets you call a toll-free number and speak a message. Jott will transcribe and deliver that message to someone else via email or text. I first played with it last October. It seemed clever enough, but at the time, I didn’t see how I might use it.

I have seen the light.

Last week, Lifehacker had a post on how to use Jott as a conduit into Evernote. Since I have been trying out Evernote, I thought I’d give it a try. It worked. It was slick.

And it got me thinking.

I already have a unique email addresses setup to send tasks into OmniFocus, and ideas into Yojimbo, as I described in Capture Everything: Out and About. In Jott, I set up each of those email addresses as a unique contact.

With a simple phone call, I can effortlessly channel a to-do or idea into the proper bucket. It is especially helpful for longer thoughts as you can just speak a stream of consciousness. Last week, I “wrote” a critical transition for a paper while walking to my car in a parking lot. The transcription is delightfully accurate…as long as you don’t include the word Cartesian. 🙂

Now…if I could only find a way to capture the inspiration that strikes while I’m in the shower without ruining my iPhone…

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