logos for the mac….sigh

April 18, 2008

I started using Logos Bible software about five years ago and have a library full of handy resources. One of the most difficult things about switching over to Mac as my main computer a few years ago was the loss of Logos. They had publicly stated they were planning a Mac version, but it was obviously a bigger undertaking than they expected.

I have been able to use Parallels to run Logos for Windows on my Mac. But I found that it bogged down my system enough that it was often more of a hassle than it was worth. It performs better on my MacBook Pro than it did on my MacBook, but it is still a nuisance.

A few weeks ago, Logos finally rolled out an alpha of Logos for the Mac. It is still missing a number of features, but it has been beautiful to have it running without having to bog down my system with Parallels. The timing has been perfect as I’ve been writing some curriculum for Christ in Youth — an organization I used to do a lot with when I was in full-time youth ministry.

I’m not sure what the pricing to sidegrade from a Windows version of Logs to the Mac version is going to be, but all of the book resources are compatible with either. If you’re a Mac user and itching for good Bible software, you at least now have the option of buying a Logos package and running the Mac alpha.

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