done. but not finished.

May 11, 2008 | 4 Comments

Done…but not finished.

These are words my friend Blaine offered yesterday about graduation. They couldn’t feel more true.

Yesterday, I walked. It’s official. I have a long black robe and the fancy cap made famous by the gentleman on the Yahtzee box. I have a diploma (or at least a piece of paper promising me that I’ll get one if I passed my spring classes). I have a beautiful black, red and white hood. I have photographic evidence that I walked across the stage.

I am done. And it feels ridiculous to say so.

  • JJ

    Mucho congrats!!

  • Zach

    Congrats John!! Well done.

  • Hooray for John!

  • Lon

    I just wrapped up as well… what’s up next for you?