June 2, 2008

Yesterday, Lifehacker linked to a post on MacApper highlighting a few Quicksilver interfaces. Now, before I rave about my new Quicksilver interface, let me give a little love to MacApper — I’m now a subscriber.

Now, on to SilverFlow. This is a lovely plugin that is modeled after, well, CoverFlow. The icons whiz past as you start typing. You can see the next options lined up after the current selection:

SilverFlow offers that extra luster I want from a Quicksilver interface. But that’s not my favorite feature. I use Quicksilver every day to pass text into OmniFocus and Yojimbo. (BTW, lack of a Quicksilver plugin is still the main thing that is keeping me from seriously considering a switch to Evernote. Sometimes, those blocks of text are larger than a typical window in Quicksilver offers. Not so with SilverFlow:

When you type a ‘.’ to enter text entry mode, the entire window flips over to reveal one large text box. There is plenty of space to capture your thought while being able to see all of it. Perfect.

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