housing update

July 3, 2008

One of these days, we might once again have a place we can call our own.

Last week, the same day we left Seattle, someone looked at our house. They liked it enough to put an offer on it. After a few shenanigans, we reached an agreement at the end of the week. Monday, we found out that he lost his job, and the deal is back off again. So, our house has flirted with the idea of being sold, but has proved to be just a tease.

As far as houses in Austin go…sheesh. Yesterday, we applied to lease a house in Central Austin that would be perfect. Unfortunately, they received two other applications yesterday, one of which got there about 20 minutes before ours. We had already let them know ours was on the way, so now we are just waiting for an answer.

It’s been a challenge for us to try to merge our sense of mission and calling to the city into the reality of place that might work for our family. Central Austin is still where we think we need to be, but the selection there, especially in our price range is a lot more limited. There are plenty of homes that are vacant and available today if we decide to move a little further from the city center. But, our stuff isn’t arriving until early next week, thanks to the holiday, to that has bought us a little bit of time.

For now, we are still staying with my parents. It really is working out okay, all things considered. It’s a little tight, but they are gracious hosts, and we aren’t feeling the pressure to find something soon. They are supportive of us finding just the right place.

Our realtor is leaving town for the 4th so we won’t be looking for anything for a few days if this house doesn’t work out. We are exhausted and glad to have a few days to just relax, and maybe even play a little.

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