July 22, 2008

TED is a conference on Technology, Entertainment and Design. I’ve had several friends recommend the TED website over the past few years. I’ve even watched bits of some of the talks that are posted there, but I never really dug into what was available until a few weeks ago.

Oops. I’ve been missing out.

I subscribed to the TED podcast to start working through some of the old talks. The variety of subject matter helps stir my thinking in different areas. But, what I like best is that most of the talks are around 15 minutes or less. It is easy to work through an entire talk while running a few errands or going to the coffee shop.

And it all reminds me why we preachers feel like we need 30-45 minutes (or more) to say something worthwhile. Each of these TED talks has had something valuable to say that has stirred further thinking in about a third of the time of most sermons. Okay…I’m off my pulpit, er, soapbox now.

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