christ and the caesars

July 24, 2008

A few months ago, I mentioned a book called Christ and the Caesars, by Ethelbert Stauffer. It has been out of print and in high demand because of a few mentions from Rob Bell and Ray Vander Laan. It turns out that the book has been picked up by Wipf and Stock Publishers and new copies are once again available.

This was a curious book for me. Much of the history and parallels between the language of the Caesars and the early Christian writers is fascinating. And from what I understand, Stauffer was a scholar of at least some reputation. The troubling part is that the book has no citations. Stauffer says a lot about how things were historically, but the only real evidence he cites is coinage from the time.

I still think it’s worth the read. There is enough documentation in other books that the parallel use of language is at least arguable. You can pick it up from Amazon or direct from the publisher.

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