getting comfortable with omnifocus

August 22, 2008

I’ve made no secret of my love for OmniFocus and it’s integration in my workflow. As a result, I often have people ask me more about how to use OmniFocus, or even about how I use it specifically. I’m not surprised. OmniFocus does have a learning curve, and it is not intuitive for a first-time user…especially for anyone who isn’t familiar with David Allen’s Getting Things Done.

I’ve thought about doing a bigger overview of OmniFocus. But, there plenty out there that are worthwhile, which I was reminded of as MacApper posted on this morning. So, for the OmniFocus inhibited, I offer links to some OmniFocus walkthrough that will be worth your time:

Above all, I would say the best way to learn it is to start using it. It will help if you are familiar with GTD; 43Folders’ Getting Started with “Getting Things Done”, as the title suggests, is a good place to start.

For newer readers of Creativityist, here are a few posts from the archive that describe some of my workflows with OmniFocus:

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