quicksilver + scrivener = carpal bliss

September 9, 2008

My use of Scrivener has been increasing of late. I’ve had a few different projects that require the ongoing collection and shaping of ideas. Yojimbo is my general idea bucket, but when I am focusing in on a specific project, Scrivener works much better for collecting, arranging and developing ideas and research in one place.

My soul (or at least my carpal region) has ached that Quicksilver was not hooked into Scrivener. Thinking this could not be, I scoured the Google today and am pleased with my findings. It is possible to capture an idea from your brain, a book, or a website, and quickly toss it into a Scrivener project with only a few keystrokes. Here’s how it works:

First, you need to activate the Services Menu Module plugin in Quicksilver. To do this, activate Quicksilver, and then press Command-” (or Apple-“). Or click open the Quicksilver preferences and click on the Plug-Ins tag. Scroll to the Services Menu Module and check the box next to it to enable it.

That’s all there is to it as far as Quicksilver goes. Now, make sure the project you are working on is open in Scrivener; it needs to be open to catch whatever you are going to throw its way. Now, activate quicksilver, type a “.” and type or paste the thought you want to capture. Hit [tab] and (start to) type ‘Scrivener’. You should see a choice of two Scrivener options: 1) “Scrivener / Create New Clipping from Selection”, or 2) “Scrivener / Append Selection to Current”.

If you use Append, it will tack the text onto the end of whatever note is currently open in Scrivener. I use Create which will create a new clipping item within Scrivener. I like to keep my notes separate to move them around easily. The only downside, as you can see below, is that each new note is merely titled “Clipping” with a datestamp. Not ideal for me, but I’m just happy to have the info safely tucked into Scrivener.

I’m not sure if my life is actually better now, but my mouse has been spared some clicks. Happy scrivening to you…and your mouse.

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