the artist's way collective: week 5 hub

September 29, 2008 | 8 Comments

The Artist’s Way Collective begins week 5 today. This week focuses on Recovering a Sense of Possibility.

For those who are participating with us, you can share your thoughts in the comments below. (If you aren’t participating, feel free to share your reactions too.) If you are using your blog to process your experiences, please leave us a link.

  • Hi all! Hope week 5 is going well for you. It started out a little rough for me. I definitely had a “why and I doing this” attitude starting out and I’ve posted about some concerns I have. I’d love your input!

  • Hi all! I’m betting that everyone was very busy this past week – I see a lot of you haven’t even blogged! Do we need an extra week to finish this chapter?

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  • Ted

    I haven’t been blogging on this each week, but wanted to put in a quick comment just to help keep our collective momentum going. It does seem like there is a dearth of comments this week. This is probably about the time of any process like this when the newness wears off and life intervenes.

    This week was about possibility, and I have been struggling with the fact that despite some very fortunate circumstances that should allow me to really take the time to be creative right now , I am finding mind-numbing television and web-surfing much more alluring than blank pages. How do you get from creating the space to filling it? That is where I am.

  • John

    I had thought about trying to give a little extra space, but if we extend it at all, we will push our way into thanksgiving week, and I know that things tend to get a little more hectic for most of us during the holidays. I think we’ll do our best to move along and encourage each other as we go!

    That is always the battle for me, which I mention a lot on here, but I don’t know that I’ve spelled it out that clearly. I’m getting better and better and making space to be creative. The second challenge is to engage with that space once you have it. I’m still learning that one I think…sounds like you are too.

  • I actually agree with you John – I am liking the sense of being pushed.

    Ted: I am so there – TV and “brain candy” books are my narcotics. After attempting the reading deprivation week I found out just how strongly I needed to read, just to shut down my mind. As a result, I’ve started paring down my TV watching. I know that once the TV goes on, it won’t go off until bed, so I try not to turn it on until after 8. Of course, this is easy for a woman with no kids. I am greatly in awe of people with children who can get so much done!

  • John

    I made a decision to stop watching Heroes, which was a show I enjoyed. But with a new season of storylines emerging, it was a good time to quit without feeling like I’m left hanging. I didn’t watch it last week, and I haven’t missed it. I’m not anti-TV, and I’m a big believer in learning through the power of story. But i have enough intake, here’s hoping that’s another hour each week that I can turn into some time that will be more productive for me.

  • My husband and I usually spend most evenings watching movies or TV, but we’ve started setting aside every other evening for writing. On the remaining evenings, we go to the gym, which has also been a healthy and productive choice for us. And like John said, I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything. I feel so much happier about the way I spend my time and I find myself looking forward to the time set aside to be creative.

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  • Liz Ruth

    Hi there I have been doing the Artist Way solo, and am on week 5 now its just nice to conncect and know others are having similiar experiences