October 6, 2008

Maybe I need to temper my recent ravings about Slife. Why you ask? Because according to Slife, I can type at about 1326 words per minute. I’m a decent typer…but not that decent.

This morning I was working on a project in Scrivener. I wrote 7 paragraphs, and according to Scrivener, 420 words. Later in the morning, I took a glance at Slife, and it indicated that I had only spent 19 seconds working on that section. I typed 2144 characters at 113 clicks per second! Um…no.

I don’t think this is an issue unique to Scrivener. I investigated a little bit further and noticed that the same thing happened with my daily pages which I type in Yojimbo. Only 19 seconds for 7 or so paragraphs. Again….no.

My best guess it that Slife measures activity based on mouse clicks, and maybe mouse movement(?), but not based on typing, or what window is in focus. I’ve sent an email to the developer to see if they can help me figure out the issue. I’m still using the program, and finding it helpful. But I’m keeping in mind that it isn’t quite as accurate as I hoped it would be.

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