revisiting the kindle

October 9, 2008

It has been nine months since I received my Amazon Kindle. It has been a great device, and I blogged some initial thoughts here, as well a post on Creativityist about how it has been helpful for research.

While the Kindle has been a convenient way to read literature, both classics and contemporary, it’s main appeal to me has been as a research device. Having a searchable index of some favored theologians and practitioners makes me a little giddy. One of my original concerns was the limited selection of books available, but that is changing. In addition to a growing library of contemporary writers like Alan Hirsch, Tim Keller, and Rob Bell, there are now books available from the likes of Lesslie Newbigin and Jurgen Moltmann, whose works I’ve been eager to dive into more.

I still have far too many unread books on my shelves that I am working through. But once I do, it is conceivable that I could be in the midst of 3-4 books at a time all on the Kindle. My shoulders will be so thankful.

Note: I had started writing this post earlier this week, hoping to finish it up today. This morning, an email came through from Amazon with coupon codes for Kindle owners to share with friends. It is good for a discount of 5% off a Kindle, bringing the price down to around $340. I am posting them here for anyone who wants to use them at checkout. Each one is only good one time, so if you use one, please let me know in the comments so that I can remove it from the list.

RJGX-PW4N2Q-T2EAU3 (used)
RJ2S-29U8R8-3SZT83 (used)

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