worth your time

November 12, 2008

Some links that are worth a few moments of your valuable time:

  • My friend Zach put his iSight to good use and recorded an iChat interview with Rob Bell. There’s a lot of good banter about creativity and teaching. For your viewing convenience, Zach broke it down into part 1, part 2, and part 3. (For the record, I introduced Zach to Rob’s teaching, so I’m trying to claim some kind of Executive Producer credit.)
  • My friend Blaine (and fellow 2008 graduate of Mars Hill Grad School) helped create this promotional short about MHGS. It makes me want to load the family up and return to Seattle.
  • My friends Justin and JJ do fantastic work in Africa with Life in Abundance, Intl. This video highlights some of LIA’s work. Find a way to partner with them.
  • My friend (and church planting coach) JR put together this Primer on the Missional Church — primer is an understatement. This is a gift.
  • My friends at Pixar — I’ve never actually met anyone connected to Pixar, but I’m sure we’d be friends — are making another movie. Go enjoy the trailer for Up. Pixar is the only studio that makes movies that consistently live up to and even exceed the anticipation created by the trailer.

Cool friends, eh?

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