producer or procrastinator?

November 13, 2008

Throughout The Now Habit, Neil Fiore draws a contrast between producers and procrastinators. His idea of the producer matches up with what I think of as a creative person — one who practices creativity.

A creative person is not only someone who does art, though art should always be a celebrated product of creativity. A creative person is someone who can generate ideas and put them into play — they produce something. It could be an article, a film short, a painting, a photo essay, a manifesto, a strategic plan, or even a blog post!

Fiore emphasizes the different mindset between producers and procrastinators: Of all the characteristics that separate producers from procrastinators, none is more liberating than the producer’s focus on ‘choice’ and ‘choosing.’ The procrastinator is overwhelmed by the burden of what is to be done, even if it is something that they want to do. The language focuses on what they “have” to do. The producer emphasizes their own personal choice even in the language they use with themselves.

This simple chart from page 77 shows the different language each might use.

Procrastinators   vs.   Producers
I have to.   vs.   I choose to.
I must finish.   vs.   When can I start?
This project is big and important.   vs.   I will take one small step.
I must be perfect.   vs.   I can be perfectly human.
I don’t have time to play.   vs.   I must take time to play.

Thanks again for reading. I have to, er, I choose to go now.

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