the “official” job description

November 19, 2008

Last week, I posted a simple job description for myself based on a description of Paul’s work. I’ve finished the job description I’m going to turn in to the IRS. I could have thrown something together, or even just copied someone else’s for the purpose of the IRS. But, I decided this would be a good opportunity to work through my primary functions for this season of Austin Mustard Seed.

The results are below. I’d welcome any feedback, especially on the roles described and the language used. Overall, I like it. It still feels a little formal to me, but this is the IRS afterall!

Local Theologian – The pastor serves as a local theologian by connecting an understanding God’s ongoing work in creation with the unique contemporary context of Austin. Functions of this responsibility include:

  • Deep listening to the Scriptural narrative, the Christian tradition, and the cultural influences of Austin as a means of engaging the three with one another.
  • Form the church community around the core values of Story, Wholeness, and Presence through teaching and interaction.
  • Invite the church community into local and global mission and justice as an expression of a theology shaped not only around ideas, but action.

Community Development – Shape the community around the movement of God’s Kingdom into the world through spiritual formation and multiplication. Functions of this responsibility include:

  • Form relationships with others with the purpose of mutual growth in the Way of Jesus.
  • Engage difference and brokenness in the Austin culture to help repair broken relationships with God, each other, creation, and self.
  • Facilitate the start up of new house church communities and larger gatherings throughout Austin as needs or opportunities arise.
  • Cultivate the gifts and passions of others in the church community as new expressions of the Kingdom of God in the world.
  • Develop others as leaders in our community who can share the responsibilities of community guidance, mentoring, and decision making.

Administration – The pastor will manage the general operation of the church community to provide structure for mission. Functions of this responsibility include:

  • Work with the treasurer and the rest of the board to budget and manage the operating expenses of the church community as a means for inward and outward mission.
  • Form relationships with other churches and organizations for the purpose of partnering in mission.
  • Provide responsible oversight for the physical resources that belong to the church such as equipment, promotional and training materials, etc.
  • Be responsible for miscellaneous operating requirements such as government paperwork, scheduling board meetings, etc.
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