November 21, 2008

They never knew what they were caring for…they only knew what they were against.

This quote is offered as a critique of postmoderns. It is a sentiment that is common in church circles, where some would argue that the emerging church is defined more by what it is against than for.

In this case, though, the quote was about designers. It came from the film Helvetica. While defending the classic font helvetica, a designer critiqued the use of grunge fonts. For him, these designers weren’t for anything, but just a responding to the simplicity and ubiquity of Helvetica. It is curious to me how parallels streams of thought emerge in different disciplines such as church and design.

But the film itself is worth seeing. Even if you don’t have an interest in design, the film also offers a lot of commentary on how culture is shaped … seen through the perspective of typefaces.

And while I’m recommending things…I watched the movie via Netflix streaming. It is worth checking out.

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