start dates

December 9, 2008

For quite some time, I’ve had good intentions to write a post about trying to eliminate due dates from my task list, and only use start dates. My dream task list would be so short that it would only show the things I need to work on over the next few days, and due dates wouldn’t be necessary. Rather than assign a new task a due date, I would just assign a start date so that task would show up when it needed to be done.

The bad news is that such a post felt like hypocrisy, because I can’t seem to get there. As much as I would like to feel that caught up, my list of available tasks is usually in the dozens when all the contexts are added up. I still need the prod that a due date offers to help me prioritize critical tasks.

The good news is that MacSparky published a great post yesterday called OmniFocus Tips – The Omniscient Start Date. This is a great example of why David is one of my favorite Mac bloggers. Please go read it, whether you use OmniFocus or something else. And if you don’t use OmniFocus, I would recommend using something that has the capability to assign a start date to a task so you can put his ideas to work. Why clutter your brain with things you don’t need to, or can’t, do yet?

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