three months in

December 9, 2008

It’s been about five months since we moved into our house in Austin, and about three months since we first started gathering people together to form Austin Mustard Seed. I’m often asked how things are going via email, iChat and phone calls, so I thought it would be good just wrap together some reflections on our time so far.

  • The most common question is, “How are things going?” I feel like the answer is usually the same, and will be for a few more months at least. “Things are going pretty well.” This is a slow, intentional process, so it’s hard to measure how things are progressing outside of stories. We are enjoying the core group that we have connected with, though one of our main prayers is for a few more families to come and be a part of it.
  • This stage of the church isn’t without challenges. Just this past week, we didn’t gather together at all. Most of our family was sick. Since we meet in our home, some of the others understandably didn’t want to be exposed to us. Being a small house church at this point gives us a unique mixture of freedoms and limitations.
  • As I described here, I am really enjoying feeling more connected with people who aren’t church attenders. Even those who know why we are here are curious, rather than labeling us as religious nuts. I think the Sherri and I both have a very down to earth and authentic approach to our understanding of Christianity that is serving us well in Austin. I feel more connected with people who aren’t part of a church here than I ever have before and I love it.
  • Because shaping this church community is slowly developing, I’m thankful to be doing design work. I usually try to split my day evenly between some design work and doing some work for the church. One of the blessings of design work is that I can see some tangible results at the end the day, which is something the church doesn’t offer much of right now. Besides that, design work is supplementing my part time church salary, and it provides an interesting connection with people as I tell them that work as a pastor of a new church and as a graphic and web designer.
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