the incarnation continues

December 22, 2008 | 1 Comment

The paragraphs below come from an entry I posted earlier this month. These thought have been with me a lot this month, and with Christmas only a few days away, I’m dredging them back up for you…

What you believe about what is to come has to affect what you think of today, and even of yesterday. Christmas is all about the incarnation, the arrival of God in creation in a grand restoration project. God with us. This is not a temporary work, to be carried on until God finally destroys it all. The birth of Jesus was not a short-term fix until God could really do the job right.

Christmas is a new beginning without end. The incarnation continues. God arrived in this still broken creation, never to leave again. And yesterday, today, and tomorrow, we are invited to join the re-creation project, all the while anticipating when God will complete this project once and for all. That’s a Christmas I can celebrate everyday.

  • Christmas was wierd this year for me… but that doesn’t change the truth of these two paragraphs. I feel empty right now, but I know the incarnation is true. Thanks for the reminder.