thinking about contexts

January 23, 2009

As often happens with the new year, I find I have a renewed willingness to rethink everything. This ranges from the larger looming questions of life goals and purpose, all the way down the practical minutiae of how I structure my days and workflow.

In particular, I’ve been revisiting the contexts that I use in OmniFocus. For the most part, my primary contexts have been in place since I first read David Allen’s Getting Things Done: calls, errands, mac, home, office, and tinkering (which I’ve already written about).

My mac context gets crowded since it tends to become the default, and so much of what I do happens while sitting in front of my computer. I also tend to ignore the other contexts unless I have a red due date notifier nagging me. This is exactly something I want to move away from, as I don’t want to be driven by due dates.

While I haven’t solved all of this, I have been working on putting a few new contexts in place, and I’ll share some of them here in the new few weeks. Consider this an intro to a series on contexts — never mind the fact that one post in this series was written almost a year ago.

Until then, I’d like to hear from you:

  • What contexts do you use?
  • What unique contexts have you put in place the are helpful for you?
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