viva la keynote

January 23, 2009

We have an old Mac Mini attached to the TV in our family room. We use it as a media server for music and some kids movies, and lately it’s been handy for watching streaming movings on Netflix. But, it has been most useful for our Sunday Gatherings. I have Keynote installed on the Mac Mini, and I use it to show Scriptures or other talking points in our discussions.

The release of iWork 09 has opened up a new level though. The best new feature is the ability to control a Keynote presentation using an app on the iPhone just by flicking your finger to the next slide. That’s how I used it two weeks ago. But last week, it got even better — I incorporated some of my own notes into the Keynote. The picture to the right shows my iPhone screen with part last week’s Keynote presentation — a picture of the current slide above, and my notes for that slide below.

If you are a Mac user and you teach regularly, I’d recommend giving this a look. (Especially if you notes are usually pretty simple like mine are.) You might want to teach like Rob Bell, but at least you won’t have to say “Next slide…” five or six times during your teaching.

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