how’s your backup?

February 17, 2009 | 5 Comments

About a year ago, three of my friends experienced a hard drive crash within 10 days of each other. Inspired by their defeat, I made sure I had a good backup. And a few days later, my hard drive crashed too.

I’m reminded of this, because my friend Chris Marlow just walked into the coffee shop where we both spend far too much time. He just left the genius bar with a new hard drive…and an ache in his stomach over the four hours of homework he’s going to have to do again. (Chris is pictured restoring his last time machine backup from about 7 months ago. Lucky for him, he is a high-powered non-profit start-up executive and they just have spare MacBooks laying around. (Not really…it’s his wife’s computer.))

So, as a public service announcement, I have to ask…how’s your backup? Because from my experience, hard drive failures happen in fours. Who’s next?

  • Bam

    Duly noted, John… duly noted!

    I think Time Machine is a phenomenal app (in fact, it’s one of the key “legs up” that I think Mac has over PC)… and yet it takes an increased discipline by those of us who primarily work off of a laptop to plug in the backup HDD on a regular basis. The desktoppers out there have it much easier 🙂

  • Adam,
    True. I actually set mine up to backup to an airport disk on my airport extreme. Apple claims it doesn’t work, but from my experience it does, although it has issues from time to time. Still, better than having to remember to plug in an external drive.

  • Yep, Time Machine FTW! But it is easy to forget. I ended up moving my Time Machine drive into the kitchen so I remember to plug it in more often.

  • I’ve really considered upgrading to a time capsule, but hard drive prices have come done that the time capsule pricing is out of whack.

  • Oh man. I’ve been seriously considering switching from PC to Mac (I’m waiting for the new iMacs this March) but the past month I have heard quite a number of stories of peoples’ hard drives crashing in their Apple computers. I’ve had a Toshiba laptop for 6 years and have yet to have one problem, and I’ve dropped it on a cement street before. I’m beginning to wonder if the cult of Mac (which I really want to join!) is drinking a bit too much kool-aid. Why do Macs have so many problems?