podcasts: engaging ideas

May 29, 2009

I don’t spend much time in my car these days. But when I am behind the wheel, my iPhone is usually pumping out a podcast. Here are some of my favorite podcasts that revolve around engaging with or expressing ideas:

  • The Accidental Creative (iTunes/website)
    This podcast was a recent recommendation by my friend Blaine Hogan. I’m only an episode or two into it and I already think it’s worth sharing with you.
  • The Moth Podcast (iTunes/website)
    In their own words: The Moth features people telling true, engaging, funny, touching, and eye-opening stories from their lives.
  • TEDTalks (iTunes audio/iTunes video/website)
    Short talks from the conference for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Some of the world’s most unique and intriguing ideas expressed at a level that is accessible to anyone.
  • iTunes: Meet the Author (iTunes)
    This one is only an occasional listen for me, but I always enjoy hearing writers talk about their experiences with the writing process.

I’m sure there are many others out there, though I can’t really keep up with these. (I’ll also follow up later with a list of Mac related podcasts I subscribe to.) If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments.

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