seven features i love in iphone 3.0

June 18, 2009

After having some time to play with the iPhone 3.0 update, there are a few features I know will be of immediate use for me. I won’t be upgrading to the iPhone 3G[s]…and you don’t need to either to take advantage of any of these new features:

spotlight. I try to keep my apps down to about three screens just so I don’t have to scroll. Spotlight will change that. Assuming I get used to using it, this will be the most helpful update to the iPhone.

2x podcast playback. I was aware of most of these other features, but I stumbled on this one by accident. I find that most spoken word can be listened to at double speed with little effect on my comprehension.

landscape mode. I’ve always avoided typing more than a sentence or two on my iPhone. Being able to use landscape mode will probably change that.

cut/copy/paste. I’ve managed without cut/copy/paste just fine. But I suspect that in a few months, I will wonder how I ever lived without it.

send multiple images. This came in handy even as I sent these screengrabs from my iPhone to my laptop.

find my iphone. I don’t tend to misplace my iPhone, but I like knowing that I can track it down if I do.

tethering. Yes, I know…tethering isn’t available in the United States yet. But…it looks like some have found a workaround.

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