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July 29, 2009

I spent a lot of time with my grandparents as a kid. In the winter’s they lived in the same town in Colorado. In the summer, they’d go to their cabin in the Rockies, and I spent a week or two there every summer.

My grandma was a librarian, so if there is one thing I remember about their place(s), it was books. There was always a book with a bookmark in it on an endtable, and other books were on display on shelves all around the living space. In particular, I remember a round table with a bookshelf underneath. It’s been in our family since my dad was a kid and it spins so that I could easily see the books on it from my youngest days.

It was probably all that time spent at my grandparents that made me a book snoop. If I come visit your place, I’m going to take a look at what books you have. I promise I won’t go in your bedroom or home office, and I won’t open any cabinets. But if you have visible books in your living space, you can be certain I’m going to take a look at what you have.

And I’m going to judge you.

Well, judge might be too strong, but I am going to assume I know more about what interests you.

A few years ago, that little round table made its way into our home. I don’t love the style of the table, but I love the story of it. As we moved into a smaller home this past month, I feared we wouldn’t have room for the table. But we found the perfect spot in our family room, tucked in a corner between two couches.

Those underneath bookshelves are now visible for every guest to see. I’ve spent some time browsing my shelves and picking some books to lodge in our family room. I hope these books will tell visitors a little about who our family is, or at least who we hope to be. And maybe you’ll visit someday too, and you’ll find our home welcoming enough to relax on the couch, pick up a book, and read a chapter or two yourself.

Here’s the books you’ll find:

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