August 21, 2009

Though I love the extra time with my daughter that summer offers, I’ve been looking forward to school starting again. This summer was busy and chaotic…who knew moving 2 miles could cause so much disruption? I’m looking forward to having a little bit of regularity return to our life rhythm.

I’m not looking foward to one thing, though. Mornings. School starts here at 7:45am. To get our daughter there on time and then move on to my work day generally means getting up at 6:15 or so. I know that there are many who get up earlier. To you I say “Wow, you’re great”, or “I’m sorry…that must be awful”, or whatever you need to hear from me. But I’m an evening person. Those few hours after the kids are in bed are the only peaceful hours my wife and I share together. I also like to wind down my evening with some reading or reflection. And Jon Stewart. It’s not uncommon for me to turn in at 11:30 or later.

The problem is this stupid article I read a few weeks ago: 6 hours of sleep? It’s not enough. As I think about school starting next week, that article keeps coming to mind. Because I know that it’s true for me.

As I reflect back to last spring, I’m coming to see how tired I was. Week after week of 6ish hours of sleep was catching up to me. So to be honest, I’m kind of stuck. I don’t want to go to bed earlier just because school is starting. I want to enjoy those peaceful hours with my wife. But maybe, just maybe, those awake hours will be a little richer, and a little more productive if I can give up one precious evening hour.


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