August 23, 2009

I started this blog five years ago to share things I was learning and thinking about, mostly from my reading. However, my five year review reminded me the first few years of this blog really were more of a lifestream. Yes, there were lots of thoughts from books, but there was a lot of wondering aloud and life updates.

For many, Twitter has become more of a life stream…though I’m mostly inclined to use my Twitter stream to give myself a chuckle. Recognizing that, I’m trying to work my way back to seeing this blog as a discipline to work out some reflections from the ideas and experiences that life brings my way.

To inspire me, I have a few changes in the works. I have streamlined my categories down to four main topics:

  • books – No surprise here. I still plan to read a lot and respond to some of that reading.
  • theology – This will be both practical and theoretical reflections — mostly the outworking of our formation of Austin Mustard Seed.
  • design – When I launch some of the websites I have the privilege of creating, I’ll post them here. I have a few that will be going public soon that I’m excited to share — both because of the design and because of what they represent.
  • life, the universe and everything – Most anything else will go here. The title is broad enough to give me permission to say anything I want. Funny how we need that permission, isn’t it?

I also have good intentions to rework the design. No…really. I’m also thinking about dropping tags. I know they are helpful, but they are also one more step between the first keystroke and the publish button. Any thoughts on that?

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