contexts: meetings

August 24, 2009

This is part of an ongoing series on Contexts where I explore some of the unique contexts I’ve been working with in my GTD system.

I’ve added a new context to OmniFocus. This one seems kind of obvious, but it’s not one I’ve thought to use before. In fact, some of you GTD’ers might already use this one. If you do, then I’m holding you responsible for not passing the idea along.

You may know that I split my time as a freelance designer and a pastor. You can see why I try to stay organized — these two aspects of my life bring a lot a variety…and a lot of meetings. I don’t like meetings so much, but the good news is that most of these meetings are about projects I’m engaged in. And therefore fun.

Often, when a meeting is coming up, I make a few notes in the iCal notes section about topics to cover. This works pretty well…I have access to them on my laptop or iPhone, so I can easily add notes prior to a meeting, or refer to them during the meeting. The problem is, sometimes I’m thinking ahead about a meeting with someone that isn’t scheduled yet. So…I don’t have a spot in iCal to make notes.

So I’ve scrapped that system, and created a Meetings context. When I need to meet with someone, scheduled or not, I add them into this context. Any topics for the meeting get added as notes. This offers the same flexibility to refer and add to the notes on my iPhone or laptop, and gives me a space for unscheduled meetings. Bonus tip: sometimes this task will begin as “Set up a meeting with…” in a different context. I can make the notes in that task, and once it is scheduled, just copy it over to the Meetings context with all my notes intact.

What kind of system do you use for this?

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