serve austin sunday

August 31, 2009

Before we moved to Austin, one of the local church planters I had contact with was Brandon Hatmaker. Brandon had planted Austin New Church in the year before we moved. Brandon offered ongoing help before, and since, our arrival through prayer, encouragement and some on the ground perspective.

ANC was started with an emphasis on active service. ANC has held on tight to those service roots with Serve Austin Sunday. Anytime a month has five Sunday, they don’t hold a worship gathering, but the church breaks into work teams in different projects around the city. I love this vision, and we have connected Austin Mustard Seed with them for Serve Austin Sunday.

Yesterday was our first SAS. Our church community joined with a crew from ANC to help start an organic garden for Foundation for the Homeless here in Austin. The garden won’t be planted until next year, but we were able to get a headstart by enclosing an area and filling it with organic mulch and soil. It was good to connect with others for something bigger than our church community, but I especially loved having my 7 year old daughter along. She was enthused, as you can see in the picture above. Planting a garden is something she can get excited about…and she did. Perhaps I’ll be able to take her back in the spring to help plant their garden. In the meantime, I’m already looking forward to the next fifth Sunday.

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