some strange ideas 8.0

September 1, 2009

As far as I can recall, I’ve had about 7 different looks for this blog in five years. That would mean the new one I launched last night would be 8.0. And boy was I overdue. On average, my templates last 8.5 months, and the one I’d been using had been live for right at a year. Gasp!

For those of you reading by a feed reader, here’s the new look:

The new look is a very cleaned up take on the same Thesis theme that I have been using for the last year. I kept the subtle Austin outline as a nod to the last design, but it has a much different feel otherwise. As I mentioned last week that I was streamlining, and this new look helps do that. I’m trying to make it more about the words that are coming through my keyboard. Mission accomplished methinks.

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