three day weekends are good

September 8, 2009

Our family has had on and off success with keeping a weekly Sabbath over the last few years. For us, Sabbath is a day to enjoy the goodness of life and creation — good food, time with loved ones, and urban or nature adventures. We do our best to enjoy a day with no responsibility…other than the needs of the little ones in our home that shouldn’t be neglected, of course. A day like this seems to serve the souls and relationships in our family well.

This past year, Sabbath has been harder to come by. Having a church community that meets in our home means that it is easy for Saturday to become catch up and cleaning day. We are returning to the school year with out church community meeting on Sunday nights, which may be a blessing for our family. Sunday can become our catch up day, giving us Saturday back. (I should add that the relationships with our church community hold their own bit of Sabbath enjoyment, but it is an island in the middle of house prep.)

Having a three day weekend stirs my yearning to protect a weekly Sabbath. Saturday was ‘productive’ as we transformed our girls’ bedroom from the deep green (left by the previous owners) to the bright pink they’ve wanted. After a year of living in a rental home surrounded by light neutrals, they are happy to have “colored walls” again. Sunday, we wrapped up the painting project and got the house ready and later enjoyed the evening with friends from our church community.

It was Monday that was the beautiful reminder of what we want a Sabbath to be…and a reminder of why we love Austin. Our family, along with one of Macey’s favorite friends, went to the splash fountain at Butler District Park. The fountain was turned down to almost nothing, and the Austin triathlon made things more hectic than we hoped, but the kids enjoyed splashing in the sun with a great view of downtown. We followed up with lunch at a favorite spot — the outdoor plaza at Whole Foods. To top it off, the active morning meant long naps the little ones. The rest of us enjoyed an afternoon of reading and cat naps. Who couldn’t do with a day like that once a week.

Yep…three day weekends are good. But our lawn still needs to be mowed.

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