interruptions welcome

October 21, 2009

Late yesterday afternoon, I was working at my home desk. My to do list extended off the bottom of my larger monitor after last week’s travels, and I wanted to make a few more items disappear before calling it a day. While I was working, our doorbell rang. I worked on, knowing that someone else would answer.

After a few minutes, I could tell that a conversation at our front door was ongoing, and it involved my whole family. I wandered out to find my kids lined side by side at the door stoop, with my wife behind, making a new friend. A young woman, new to Austin, had come to our door, passing out flyers for her dog training business.

We don’t have a dog. Soon, she was on her way, trying to pass along the rest of her flyers.

Forty-five minutes later, she rang our doorbell again. My wife, and oldest daughter, ever ready for a party, had called her after she left to invite her to dinner. She joined us for an evening of our finest gourmet spaghetti and hearing each other’s stories. Next week, she’ll ring our doorbell once again to be part of an Austin Mustard Seed gathering.

I love this season of our life, where we have created space to connect with others when opportunities arise. I work in a coffee shop most mornings, and I feel much less productive than I might in an office somewhere. But I also get to have random, unexpected conversations almost every day. And most of them are more meaningful than checking an item off of a to-do list.

But I also hope this isn’t just a season. I hope this is our way of life for the years to come. My oldest daughter sees every person she meets as someone brought into the world to be her friend. She’s a lot like her mom.

Taking time to meet people and hear their story isn’t our “church planting strategy”, it’s the way our family is trying to live. And I have two great teachers.

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