creative tools: 2010 update

January 15, 2010

It’s time for my annual take on what tools are in my creative arsenal. Rather than do the whole series this year, I’m going to list a handful of changes since last year’s posts. In an upcoming post, I will highlight creative tools I use on my iPhone. Here are the updates from the last 12 months:

13″ MacBook Pro – In late summer, the new 13″ MacBook Pros arrived in the Apple refurbished store and I made the switch from my prior 15″ MacBook Pro. I coveted the longer battery life and portability, but agonized over the loss of screen space. Overall, I’ve been happy with my decision, especially since I do most of my design work on…

Samsung 2333SW 23″ Widescreen Monitor – Of course, I’d be happy with an Apple Cinema Display, but I can’t afford or justify it. I found a great deal on this Samsung monitor and it looks great.

Amazon Kindle (2nd generation) – I replaced my original Kindle with a second generation model (and posted a comparison). After months of use, I think they many subtle changes add up to a significant upgrade. I’ve reached a point where I won’t buy most books if they aren’t yet available for the Kindle.

LaunchBar _ Replacing Quicksilver with LaunchBar seemed dramatic at the time, but I haven’t looked back since. (The MacPowerUsers had a great episode that you should listen to if you use or are considering LaunchBar.)

Dropbox – Dropbox replaced SugarSync. It’s not quite the same functionality, but it’s hard to argue with free.

Espresso — Last year, I displayed minor quilt that I wasn’t using Espresso. I’ve since embraced it fully and phased out SkEdit. I use it everyday. I wish it fully integrated the features of CSSEdit, but even so, it’s a vital piece of my workflow.

Tweetie – Tweetie replaced Tweetdeck. Multiple account support and it’s dang purdy.

Yojimbo 2 – The tag browser introduced in Yojimbo 2 has me using it for more than ever, and I’ve phased out Shovebox. I’ve found two or three significant new uses for Yojimbo this year. Yojimbo and OmniFocus are the two apps I have open no matter what work mode I’m in.

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