ten mac apps that would give me ipad lust

February 2, 2010

Last week, I mentioned my concern about the iPad’s use as a creative tool, ending with a plea to developers to make apps for just that purpose. Since that time, OmniGroup has announced their intention to fully support the iPad. Immediately, I could see myself ‘needing’ one.

My primary use for an iPad would be research and writing, so I dream of uses that could help those workflows. Resources are limited at our house, so an iPad would be hard to justify. But if most of these apps came available, I would start trying to find ways to make it happen:

A version of Scrivener that could open, read, and edit documents from the Mac version would be a dream. Unfortunately, they’ve already stated that they don’t have any immediate or longterm plans to work on an iPad version. (Their blog post is worth reading…I think they touch on something that many indie Mac developers might be feeling.)

WriteRoom already has an iPhone version that can sync text into Scrivener via SimpleText.ws. Oddly, their Mac version doesn’t sync with SimpleText. I would hope that WriteRoom for iPad would.

I like Ulysses, but haven’t made the time investment to use it regularly over Scrivener. They have an alleged Ulysses Mobile in development, so Ulysses for iPad seems like a reasonable step for them. If it were to sync with the Mac version, Uylsses would find more room in my workflow.

After Scrivener, this one seems like the biggest longshot. My Yojimbo database already struggles to sync via MobileMe and they’ve never indicated any interest in developing an iPhone version. But after the OmniGroup apps, Yojimbo would be the biggest draw toward an iPad for me.

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They started working on an iPad version the day the iPad was announced. I don’t think I would spring for a 3G iPad, and space will be at a premium. So offline use and the ability to pick and choose resources to install is a must.

Of course it would be nice if the DropBox could sync documents, or a select folder onto the iPad. But even being able to access my folder in the cloud would be helpful enough.

If you use Instapaper, you already know why this is on the list. If not, read this.

I’m not convinced I would replace my Kindle with an iPad as a primary ebook reader. The Kindle’s battery life, weight and ability to read with one hand are too valuable. But with the ability to sync notes and location, of course it would be nice to have my books on an iPad as well.

I don’t know that I would do heavy editing, but being able to resize and adjust images for blog posts and other lightweight work would be great. There are already a few iPhone apps that do this kind of thing, but it would be good to see what the Pixelmator team could pull off on an iPad version.

While most creative work that I do would still require a full laptop or desktop for final production, blogging is one workflow that could be done start to finish on an iPad. I’ve been spoiled by offline editors over the WordPress dashboard, so one of these is a must.

How about you…what would you like to see?

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