March 2, 2010

When Amazon announced that they were opening the Kindle up to developers, there was only one app I could imagine that would be useful on the Kindle: Instapaper. Never mind.

Last night, I tried out Ephemera. It’s fantasticical. (Sorry…sometimes exuberance supersedes grammar.)

Ephemera syncs up with Instapaper when you connect your Kindle to your Mac, pulling your unread articles and creating them as individual items on your Kindle. After you finish an article, you delete it. When you reconnect your Kindle, Ephemera launches and archives your read articles on Instapaper.

This is a simple fix for something I have long hoped for. And it’s free. If you use a Kindle and Instapaper, give it a go. If you have a Kindle and haven’t used Instapaper, this is why you should.

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