two new websites for harbor ministries

April 12, 2010

Last week, we launched two new websites for a non-profit called Harbor Ministries: the main website and one of their main initiatives called RhythminTwenty. Both of these sites were built on WordPress, once again showing how well it can function as a content management system that doesn’t necessarily look or behave like a blog. I think the results look great…you can see below how they turned out.

I had a unique role in this project, primarily doing the code to convert someone else’s design into a fully functioning WordPress theme. I was sent the PSDs and started from there — one design was done in house at Harbor, while the other was created by another design firm that had to drop the job mid-contract. I enjoy the creativity of the design side, but it was fun to view someone else’s design as a puzzle I needed to take apart and put back together.

If you need a website, or a new look for one you already have, take a peek at my portfolio site and say hello.

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