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May 4, 2010 | 6 Comments

The tagline for this site is Soul. Workflow. Mac., but I’m aware that I’ve spent more time writing here about Mac and workflow lately than about the soul. Certainly the iPad has contributed to this as many of us are learning how it can reshape our workflows. (And there will be more about this, as there are some software reviews I have in the works.)

But about the soul…I’m still passionate about shaping the soul, and plan to continue to write about that part of creative work. But, most of my soul related energy has been going toward another project lately. It’s a project to help you shape your soul and find your voice through daily writing. I’ve hinted at it here before, and I’ve finally launched it this week, so…

Say hello to

501Words is a reason to write everyday, inspired and encouraged by the company of others who are doing the same. As one friend described it, it is a “focused writing community site”. Each day, a new subject is posted as an invitation for you to write 501 words in response. I’ve set a goal to have 40 active users by the end of this first week…are you one of them?

The site is driven by the idea that to find your voice, you need to write every day, for better or worse. It was inspired by sites like the Daily Shoot, a drawing project a friend of mine participated in called Every Day Matters, and of course, by Julia Cameron’s morning pages from The Artist’s Way (which I’ve taken to calling daily pages).

I hope you’ll consider joining in. Writing everyday can be daunting, and I can’t say I’ve been able to do it myself. But at least I have a reason to try, and an excuse to do it again the next day. And so do you!

Why not take a few moments right now to:

  • So is this like for slackers? 🙂

  • Sorry, that sounded more snarky than intended, but I am curious what you see as differentiating from (Please don’t say “249 words”) 🙂

    Either way, it looks great. I just wrapped up 45 days in a row on the other site, so the idea works!

  • John

    I didn’t read it as snarky, but I appreciate the follow-up. I did run across 750words in the process of creating this site…I think it’s fairly new too, right?

    I think the unique differences are that 501words allows you to post in public if you choose to, and has a shared topic everyday, while 750words is geared around creating personal accountability for private writing.

    Either way, I love what they having going on there too…anything that helps people find ways to be creative I’m in favor of. If has you writing 45 days straight, keep at it!

  • John Hammond

    I really like the idea, and I’ve been trying to think of a similar approach for keeping me active in what I do (PhD student in math). I’ve tried doing a Project Euler problem a day (my description is here: , but I failed to keep up with that goal.

    I’m going to try to write on 501Words just to limber my brain. though I fear I have very little to say about Mexico (though I love super heroes!). Hopefully there won’t be any trolls ridiculing my posts. 🙂

  • John Hammond

    … I noticed that my link became invalid in the previous post… there should be no `)` at the end of the URL:

  • John

    Thanks for the comment, and welcome to the 501 party!

    Nobody will kick you off the site if you have more energy toward super heroes today than toward Mexico…