Revisiting Things

May 6, 2010

Mac users who are serious about keeping on top of their tasks are blessed to have two great apps to choose from: Things and OmniFocus. Judging by how many people find this site by searching for “OmniFocus vs. Things”, this is an ongoing debate, and not an easy decision for many.

When I first posted a comparison of the two products, it was mostly from the standpoint of an OmniFocus user peeking over the wall into Things’ backyard. I liked what I saw, but was very happy to stay in the OmniFocus camp.

I recently took another look at Things while researching for a writing project, and it has matured nicely. So nicely that there has been a defection in my household from OmniFocus to Things. Here’s why:

  • The general consensus is that OmniFocus has a more robust feature set for power users, while Things is more appealing visually and for it’s more approachable learning curve. But, Things is catching up as far as features go.
  • Things has launched an iPad app, and it’s beautiful. They didn’t replicate the iPhone app for a bigger screen, but rethought the interface. It’s one of the best iPad apps I’ve seen. The OmniFocus app is on it’s way, but not here yet. OmniGroup is taking their time with it to make sure they too make the most of the iPad interface.
  • Things has added important features that were previously missing, like start dates.
  • Things worked with Don McAlister to produce some helpful screencasts. (He also has some screencasts of OmniFocus available.) As usual, Don is a great teacher, and they serve as a helpful intro for the beginning user.

So, who defected? My wife.

I’m still using OmniFocus, and very happy with it — and very eager to see what they do for the iPad. But for my wife, Things was more intuitive. She’s finding it easier to organize and more appealing to look at. And the plus side is that we can both sync our tasks on a single iPad!

Disclosure: I have received promotional licenses for each version of Things, but I was not required to post a positive review, or any review at all, in return.

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