Farewell Lost

May 25, 2010

I was a faithful Lostie over the last five years. I didn’t watch the first season when it aired, but I heard enough about the show that I caught up on Season 1 via DVD, er, Hulu, er, iTunes, er, um, BitTorrent, before season 2 began. From that point on, I kept up with the show thanks to the wonder of DVR, not missing any episodes or moving on to the next show until I had seen the one before. It’s the only TV drama that I’ve faithfully watched in that timeframe.

And what I connected with was the characters. Yeah, there were high points and low points for me through the years. Sometimes the plot lost me in it’s complexity or unbelievability. And sometimes the characters got lost in the plot itself. But somehow the show would find it’s way back as the characters shoved their way back into the front.

Last week, the New York Times published this interview with the writers, where they said what I always hoped would be true about the show. Ultimately, it was about the redemption of all of these very broken, very lost, people. And as the show wrapped up on Sunday night, there was redemption. And maybe it didn’t so much happen for them in the final moments of the show, but in the fact that they all found it through their connections with each other.

I know some didn’t like the finale. Some wanted more answers, some maybe just didn’t want it all to end. I thought it was perfect. It left us with redemption that we had hoped for, but not all of the answers. Not all of the answers about what came next, or even all of the answers about what had happened so far. Sounds a lot like life.

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