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June 17, 2010

I know that for many, Twitter has replaced RSS as their primary means of finding things to read. With that in mind, I’ve created a twitter account that will tweet whenever I blog here, as I don’t always prefer to post links on my personal twitter account. I couldn’t use @somestrangeideas — it is too long for Twitter — so I set it up as @strangeidea, since each blog post represents a single strange idea. Makes sense to me anyway.

**I’ve never really liked blog posts about what a blog is about. You might not either. But that’s where I’m going with this. You’ve been warned.**

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about my online presence as I maintain this blog, Creativityist, my design portfolio, and my bio/landing page, not to mention our church site. I’m going to be merging a few of those sites into one. To be honest, I’ve wrestled what to do with this site, which I’ve been pondering life on for almost six years. It get’s much less traffic than Creativityist, and I considered dropping it. But I came to realize it is still my primary outlet for theology and I need an outlet like that.

So, I’ve released myself from a pressure to post here regularly, but will continue this blog as a means to engage the mingling of theology and culture. Reflections from what i”m reading will continue. I’d like to do more of the occasional film and theology posts I’ve done. Some of my favorite reflections here, that I still revisit, have to do with how theology shapes the way I’m engaged in the everyday of life in culture. And those are the ones I need to continue with for my own sanity.

So, follow @strangeidea on Twitter if you please. And leave me comments along the way to challenge or affirm the wonderings I have here.

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