Did you hear that pin drop?

September 7, 2010

1235835_a_bunch_of_colorful_pins.jpgThings sure have been quiet around here, haven’t they? I last posted part two of a three part series almost two months ago! Well, I’m not dead, and neither is this blog. And neither is that series.

I have a personal rule to avoid blogging about not blogging. It annoys me when others do it, but if you’ll forgive my indiscretion, let me tell you what’s up…

I set out earlier this summer to build a new personal site. I’m working to merge this blog, my design portfolio, and my personal bio page, into one site. Most of my personal creative time has gone into the development of that, rather than blogging.

But vacation happened. And then, a bunch of client work happened. And a few writing projects happened. And with client work and writing projects, deadlines happened! My personal site didn’t have a deadline, at least not one attached to putting meals on the table, so it’s gotten small pockets of attention here and there, while blogging was put on hold.

So, I’m still working on the new site, but I’m going to direct some energy away from that to getting a few posts up here again. I’ve got a series to finish, and another topic or two to write about, and stifling those words hasn’t been helpful for my creative patterns. Maybe I’ll even write about my bagel hack I was thinking about this morning. It’s changed my life, and it might at least change your breakfast.

Thanks for reading…not just this, but all the words I’ve had to offer. It’s always nice to hear how many others find something of value here too.

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