And then there was

September 20, 2010

DON’T PANIC! Things have changed around here…but maybe not as much as you think.

Why do things look different around here?

Because they are. I’ve gone and merged my Creativityist blog, my design portfolio, and my bio/landing page into one site. This is their spawn. It’s a website for simpler times.

Why does this site have a new name?

Rather than maintain several brands, it makes more sense to have one, and tying it to my name is about as easy as it gets. And though I still love the name Creativityist, it’s not so easy to say out loud. (These are the kinds of things one should think about when registering a domain.)

So what exactly is different?

Most of you are coming over from my Creativityist blog. All of those posts are still here and old links should still work. Now my website portfolio is included in the site, which complements my ponderings about doing creative work. And, I’ve added a page to link to some of the writing I’ve been doing elsewhere.

Yes, I made this new site, but not without some help.

  • This site, like most of my sites, was built on WordPress and a customized version of the default TwentyTen theme.
  • The nifty font you see in the menu and headings is League Gothic, and it appears on this blog via TypeKit.
  • The social media icons you see over there in the sidebar were an easily justified purchase from Lifetree Creative.

So, take a deep breath, and settle in. Things aren’t so different around here. Only more betterer.

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