Garage Sale for Orphans

September 30, 2010


This month, we launched a website that I am as proud of as any other I’ve had a hand in. It’s not just because I like the way it looks, though I do. It’s because I like what the site is all about. The site is Garage Sale for Orphans, and it is an initiative started by my friend Chris Marlow and his non-profit HELP.

The site lists their current development projects, mostly connected to caring for orphans in Haiti and Zimbabwe. You can learn about each individual project and see how much money has been raised, but the site also serves as an invitation to participate. You, and any other site visitor, can host your own garage sale, with all of the money going toward your project of choice. When many are feeling a financial pitch, this is a creative way for any group, church or civic, to find a way to care for orphans while improving your own quality of life through decluttering. That’s a win/win.

Our church community is going to host a Garage Sale for Orphans next month, and I’m excited about it. I hope it’s something you might consider too as a beautiful means of creating and restoring relationships and caring for orphans. Browse the site and fill out the Get Started contact form on the site if you’d like to be part of this growing movement.

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