Hands On With the DODOcase for iPad

October 5, 2010

Webbadge_9About the time the iPad was released, I saw a blog post on TUAW about the DODOcase, otherwise known as the “Hey, your iPad looks like a mega-Moleskine” case. After I reserved an iPad at my local Apple store, I came home and ordered a DODOcase. The iPad took 24 hours. The DODOcase took six weeks.

It seems they are popular. Even after waiting six weeks, I got one of the hand signed, limited first editions: 437/1000. This is important if you’re curious or impressed by such a thing. Or if it makes you like me more.

Not wanting to be without a case for six weeks, I ended up getting the Apple case as well. I liked it. So much, that when the DODOcase finally arrived, I didn’t really use it. It was shelved on my desk alongside a few books, and I pulled it out from time to time when I wanted something nicer looking for a meeting.

DODOcase_closed.pngMy initial critiques of the DODOcase came out of a direct comparison to the Apple case. It is thicker, because the construction leaves some dead space behind the iPad — probably two DVDs worth. I’m not sure why. The cover can fold all the way behind to prop up the iPad as a stand. It will stand up on a table fine, but for laying it flat and typing, the angle doesn’t work as well. But it sure looked nice by those books on my desk.

About six weeks ago, I decided to give the DODOcase a solid go around, intending to use it fully for a week. And I’m still using it. I’m not a style guru, but I will openly confess it has a lot of it has to do with the aesthetics. It looks great. But I also like how solid the case and iPad feel together. They have plenty of disclaimers that it’s not a true protective case, but it’s enough protection for my daily use. (Or for falling off a car on the freeway.) The compressed foam in the corners that hold the iPad in the bamboo frame do the job, and I got a free set of replacements to have on hand, just in case.

DODOcase_edge.jpgAs for critiques — the width doesn’t bother me much, and I still use the Apple case when I really want to streamline. When it is laid on a table for typing, the wrist side is elevated just enough to be inconvenient. And when I read on my iPad, I will often lay it on a table or desk in portrait mode. With the the cover folded back, the iPad slopes down just to almost, but not quite, be a nuisance. I end up leaning to the right with my elbow propping me up, kind of like this guy.

Oh, and one other critique. They now offer color choices for the inside that weren’t available when I ordered my, ahem, limited first edition. (Did I mention it’s 437/1000?) The red looks good, but I’d be proud to sport a DODOcase with an orange lining. (Denver Broncos professional football Rules!)

The DODOcases retail for $60 with the red inside, or $65 for a custom color. They are only available online from DODOcase, and they are now shipping after only a week or so according to their Facebook page.

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