Ending With the Beginning

October 14, 2010

This Sunday, we are going to start a study of the first three chapters of Genesis in Austin Mustard Seed which will take us all the way to advent. We’ll spend at least three weeks (and maybe four) in Genesis 1 alone as we look at it with different emphases each week. This chapter has become a battleground for Creation vs. Evolution dialogue, and sadly, much of what is was really intended to say is lost in that debate. I’m hopeful that we can recapture these chapters from our Sunday School storybooks and creation debates to shape how we understand God’s heart in creating humanity.

I only decided to do this study in the last few weeks, though it was born out of some of my own reading this past year, plus some other books I’ve added in to the mix. Here, other than the text itself, are the primary resources that are speaking into this series:

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