And Then There Were Links

November 2, 2010

I had a number of things in mind when I relaunched this site as One of them, I’ve already spoken about — I wanted to have a site that merged my ponderings with my portfolio.

But I also wanted the permission to broaden some of what I wrote about. The tagline for Creativityist was soul. workflow. mac. Those are three things I’m still passionate about. But the new tagline is creativity, design & lifestyle. The first two account for the creativity blog and design portfolio that I brought together here. The third one — lifestyle — is about permission. Creativity is more than workflow or technology, it is shaped by lifestyle, and I wanted the freedom to capture that broader perspective.

Most of my posting here has taken the form of medium length blog posts that take some time to put together. But there are many topics that come across that I want to write about, but I don’t have the time or the words to create a medium length blog post.

And so, out of a desire to broaden what I write about but streamline the process, I’ve added some new functionality to the site — an integrated linkblog. I’ve long been a reader of Daring Fireball, and more recently Shawn Blanc, and I love reading the format of commentated links mixed together with longer form posts. (I know there are others too…these are my favorites.) I don’t know that I will post links as often as either of the fine sites mentioned above, but I’m looking forward to passing along a few more things that I’ve not found the time to share before.

For now, the link blog items will appear in the stream on the site and go to RSS. Longer form posts will go to both RSS and my Twitter stream, and appear on the site, of course. (I may push some links to Twitter from time to time, but it won’t be automated.) After I get more of a feel for this, and maybe a little feedback from you, I’ll re-evaluate whether or not it should all go to twitter too.

Update: I’m sending everything to my @byjohnchandler twitter account (formerly @creativityist), and I’ll retweet longer posts to my personal @johnchandler account.

Thanks for reading. I hope that the linkblog will be worth a few more minutes of your precious time each week.

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